Booking the Ultimate Winter Vacation for My Boss and His Family in Hawaii

My boss likes to plan an annual vacation for him and is family. They had been to Hawaii before, but he said they stayed on the top floor of a hotel. He said it was too urban an experience for a tropical vacation even though the hotel was at the water’s edge. He wanted a more private lodging that still provided the pool, spa, chef and butler that the big hotel provided. I found the name of Hawaii big island luxury vacation properties that provide exactly what he wanted. The place I booked for him and his family for their winter getaway vacation was incredible. I got lost just looking at the pictures forgetting that I was actually at work. It is an extraordinarily beautiful place in Hawaii.

The water is right there outside your door. You can swim in a pool, enjoy the large outdoor spa, swim in the ocean and enjoy the entire property all to yourself. It is not a public place like a hotel is. You do not have to be elbow to elbow with other people in the swimming pool unless you bring them along with you. It is your own private tropical island paradise setting. Plus, you can have a chef and a butler to cater to every need of every guest you have with you. This was right up the boss’s alley, so I showed him the website. He had me book it ASAP. I was very happy they had the dates of his planned vacation open.

When him and his family got back from their stay, I had heard from all of them. They all thanked me for finding them the best place to stay in Hawaii, and my boss asked me to book another week for their summer getaway. The family showed me pictures of the place where they stayed, and it is amazing. My boss told me that he would move there if he could find someone to take over the business.